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Congradulations to the Austin gang. Drew Austin won the 2018 NHRA Heritage Series A Fuel Championship & Bobby Cottrell won the 2018 Funny Car Championship driving for Bucky Austin and Mike and Jeanette O'Brien

Congratulations to Billy Morris and the Problem Child Funny Car for Rookie of the Year

Congratulations to Jason Rupert, Brad Littlefield and crew on winning the Funny Car class at the 2018 California Hot Rod Reunion! The Rolling Thunder Nostalgia Funny Car won the CHHR in Bakersfield with four runs between 5.63 and 5.65. Thank you to all the team members, family, friends, sponsors, fans, event staff, and everyone who supports us! (photo: Chad Cline)

                          August 24, 2018 UNFC Newsletter

And so it’s on to Bakersfield and the California Hot Rod Reunion (Oct. 20-22) to wrap up the 2018 Nostalgia/Heritage season. The initial five-race Good Vibrations UNFC Championship Series was completed last weekend in Spokane with a large crowd watching Bobby Cottrell in the Bucky Austin and Mike O’Brien Camaro once again dominate the field. Cottrell piloted the sleek green Bardahl machine to its fourth UNFC win and posted low elapsed time of every single round culminating with a 5.69 low ET of the weekend in defeating Wally Giavia and the G-Men in the final. In total Cottrell rang up 488 total points to dominate the Good Vibrations Series beating second place finisher Tim Boychuk by over 200 points. When all the smoke had cleared, Good Vibrations and the UNFC handed out over $150,000 in cash and plans are already underway for the 2019 series with race dates to be announced in the near future.

Final Good Vibrations UNFC  Championship Point Standings 

 Bobby Cottrell                 488
 Tim Boychuk                    263
 Jason Rupert                    260
 Wally Giavia                     243
 Billy Morris                       212
 Bill Windham                   184
 Stephen Densham          142
 Mark Sanders                    89
 Chris Davis                         86            
Geoff Monise                     75
Matt Bynum                       56
Kris Krabill                          41
Ryan Hodgson                   20
Elaine Sellers                     10
Justin Taylor                       10
Tim Nemeth                       10